Design and build a holistic, intentional and alternative society  (community)  for betterment, evolution, elevation and attaining higher purpose of human race.


We envision an eco-living community utilising practical application of science, research, innovation, environmentally friendly technologies and spiritual knowledge toward  achieving a SUSTAINABLE CIVILISATION of abundance for all. 



”Meeting all needs” society
Community will be outfitted with regenerative systems providing an infinite loop of resources for residents. The self-sustaining community will have its own culture, heath center, art, music, schools and uses of science and technology. Its citizens are open to sharing their knowledge and research with other groups and cultures of the world.
Counscious arhitecture
We integrate the principles of SACRED GEOMETRY in all our buildings and structures thus replicating the natural coherency of the living universe. The location of each component and building in the site plan is likewise a part of the systems approach. The Center utilizes a CIRCULAR ARRANGEMENT, with all its components arranged in RINGS and SPIRALS, following a sacred geometric pattern inspired from Flower of life and Tree of life.  This systems approach makes it much easier to lay out the energy grid, the water piping, the landscape and other elements of the urban plan. Another aspect is the use of many similar architectural components which can be duplicated. This conserves energy and resources, which is important for enabling all people to have a higher standard of living. Treating the entire complex as aSINGLE SYSTEM also allows us to reuse many of the materials and resources, such as food waste for composting and recycling of the wastewater. 
Harmonic resonance with all life
Forming a community based on transparency, empathy and coherence, dissolving fear and struggles for power and attention. Maintaining a spiritual practice that places the sacredness of life at its center. Finding our place where we can gift our creative powers for the community and the benefit of all is an important step from isolation to reconnection. A community united by a common global vision has great transformative powers to make a difference in the world and to themselves. A humanity that exemplifies meditative states as a normalised eco-friendly lifestyle by exhibiting; quantum “unified field” synchronicity, coherent brain-heart science, bio-sacrednology, tele-sociality, comprehension of universal laws, intuitive mindfulness, therapeutic sounds, joyful presence, enlightening wisdom, movement as art, future visionary media and the applied bio-remediation practices to co-create balanced, practical, land based change. Finding our place where we can gift our creative powers for the community and the benefit of all.
Using technology and nature to progress sustainably
The Project will advocate new ways of thinking and living to enable human beings, technology, and nature to progress sustainably and embody living in our highest co-creative, regenerative, and multi-dimensional essence, showcasing the understanding/acknowledgement that we are interconnected to everything in this universe.
Recognizes the Earth as common heritage of all people
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Holistic well-being
Green living and ecological sustainability
Symbiosis with nature
Holistic education
Free and renewable energy
New medicine and holistic therapies
Organic farming
Coherent geometric design & bio-conscious architecture
Healing and consciousness  development


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Campus and Guest Center

Center will welcome visitors from around the world. The main purpose is to provide visitors with a lived experience of a different way of organizing society, and to show them a vision of a world where everyone enjoys a high quality of life and people symbiotically co-exist with one another and the rest of nature.

Holistic Health Centre and Clinic

A health centre accessible to visitors and giving the opportunity for individuals to experiment this new way of life.Our health clinic, doctors and health practitioners work together, using  the healing thoughts that we’ve developed over years of research and practice. Our experience shows that diseases are mostly caused by blocked life energies. Healing work for us means helping to create living conditions in which these energies can flow again

Education Center

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Vox City Center
Dream Castle
Business Valley